Tom Craig: The Bigger Picture

With the changing of seasons, so too have the artworks that grace the walls of Sunbeam Gallery! For our latest installation, we were thrilled to exhibit a selection of works from Tom Craig’s show ‘The Bigger Picture’. Focusing on his travels with writer AA Gill, a collaboration spanning eight years and four continents, the aim of the exhibition was to highlight some of the pair’s “quieter stories”; moments which feel at once intimate, personal and meaningful.


Craig and Gill have ventured tirelessly in search of the next piece of the puzzle- a common thread that links us all together. Whether in Iceland or India, Craig’s images reveal a humanity that is universal- something that connects us to ‘the bigger picture’. Gill’s accompanying texts similarly add layers of complexity to the images, grounding the fantastical in the factual. This is no more evident than in Craig’s ethereal image of powder pink waters, whose hue Gill reveals comes from the blood of a slaughtered seal.

sunbeamstudios_show_tomcraig_thebigggerpicture sunbeamstudios_show_tomcraig_thebigggerpicture

Craig said he thought ‘it might be interesting for people to be able to look at each image with the copy Adrian originally wrote to accompany the piece. It’s quite a rare practice now for photographers and writers to go on assignments together – both people have different points of view, making for a much more wholesome document’. With two perspectives at play, there is a synergy of sorts between both accounts- the romance of Craig’s aesthetic playing off the reality of Gill’s words. The result?  A beautiful and insightful document whose experience and understanding amounts to more than the sum of its parts.