Surrender Exhibition by Phil Griffin

Requiem (I) Els

Sunbeam Shows is pleased to be showing pieces from two series of Phil Griffin’s latest exhibition; Surrender.

The images are derived from onstage and backstage capture of Mount Olympus, a 24-hour theatre performance to “Glorify the Cult of Tragedy” by visionary Flemish Artist Jan Fabre. Taking 12 months of rehearsals, the exhibition and companion feature length art film Surrender was shot entirely by hand on a single camera by Phil Griffin alone.

“I believe this Surrender series is about truly giving in to a shared vulnerability. About finding trust in letting go. As a process, I believe that only by offering my own vulnerability will my collaborator offer me their own. This presents in the form of a deep truth shared between us. It is sometimes ephemeral, intangible, even disturbing, but always deeply open. Often the portraits feel like conversations rather than photographs, like feelings rather than pictures. For me, it is the single moment that both I as observer and performer as observed relinquish all power and for one single moment trust in each other completely that our shared truth with all its fear, hope, tragedy and beauty can be revealed.”

– Phil Griffin

To find out more, visit his website here.