Airbus Corporate Jets

Your world above the world

We’ve got our heads in the clouds with Airbus Corporate Jets courtesy of a recent collaboration between photographer RJ Muna and set designer Matthew Duguid. The “Your world above the world” campaign boasts the liberty of movement, elegance and peacefulness one would experience flying on-board one of Airbus’ extensive fleet of corporate jets. Clouds were physically manifested in spaces that exhibited grand features, such as the likes of our beloved studio 3, which were populated sparsely to draw attention more towards freedom and detachment.

“The challenge was to capture an ephemeral and living artwork, lasting only a few seconds, in a way that echoed elegance, space and relaxation. Adopting a low camera viewpoint helped to put the clouds up in the air, where you normally see them, and to convey a sense of grandeur and freedom.” – RJ Muna

Photographer: RJ Muna
Set design: Matthew Duguid
Production: Patricia McMahon