Green Events at Sunbeam

We believe it is up to us to take responsibility and make a positive difference to the world. As a venue, we encourage our clients and community to be more sustainable. Here are a few simple ways to make your event more sustainable to protect the planet, and to promote a positive effect on the world we live in!


  • Recycle! The simplest of all and yet very effective. We not only recycle as much waste as we can, we re-use items and build from used materials and we re-home items we no longer need. Sunbeam supports Floral Angels, a company that takes leftover flowers and re-homes them in hospitals, hospices and care homes.
Floral Angels with a winter wedding donation from Sunbeam.
  • Use natural products. Natural and organic products are simple to acquire and use a lot less chemicals and harmful substances. We use natural organic hand soaps and lotions in our bathrooms.
  • Be food-conscious. Don’t over order on food to reduce waste, aim for locally sourced produce to reduce food miles and try to steer clear of products containing palm oil. At Sunbeam, all our chicken, lamb, pig and beef comes from the four corners of the UK, and all of our fish is sustainably harvested. We offer a zero Palm Oil minibar.
  • Protect the animals. We encourage clients to go for vegan and vegetarian menus to reduce the use of animal products.

  • Reduce the use of paper and send e-invites, we love Paperless Post! It not only reduces paper usage but is also cheaper! Try to also look out for stationers using recycled paper for the rest of your event stationary.
  • Support charities and your community. At Sunbeam, we offer only Belu water products as 100% of their profits is donated to Water Aid. You may want to set up a small donation box at the bar for the charity of your choice, or work with a charitable supplier.
  • Less plastic. We try to use as little plastic packaging as possible, we have stopped purchasing plastic straws to reduce landfill and protect our waters and sea life from pollution.

For the Sustainable Bride:

  • Use flower petals for confetti as they are natural and biodegradable.
  • For all vintage lovers, go for a vintage dress! Select your wedding dress from a vintage boutique or even a more traditional approach and wear your mother’s dress. If vintage isn’t your style, try to find a bridal shop that uses sustainable fabrics.
  • Go for ethical wedding favours, like a little pot of homemade jam or a mini succulent.
  • Make a statement in a horse-drawn carriage, or arrive in an electric car to reduce vehicle emissions.
Photo by Kirsten Mavric.
Photo by Nadine Van Biljon.

Our tips on being green for your wedding were published in collaboration with Green Union on their blog. We also have a real wedding story published there from one of our 2017 summer wedding couples; Hannah and Daniel. Click here to read about their experience.