Angelo Musc – Phloem

In a time when trees are our life line that we neglect to fuel our day to day life of printing and packaging, it’s refreshing to see this stunning series by Angelo Musc. 


“The symbolism of trees and their various parts has been used to communicate many aspects of life–strength, fertility, community, security, interconnection, historical roots, and ancestry. Trees convey the idea of being rooted and an ongoing relationship with nature.

The Cortex system in plants and trees carries nutrients and therefore life throughout the plant. In the Cortex Project whole forests and individual nests are replicated with human nudes.

The two main pieces called Xylem and Phloem are named after the two types of tissue that transport nutrition within a plant’s vascular system. These two mystical forests both measure 20’ long by 8’ tall and are made up by several million bodies.

Man’s interconnectivity is made tangible in the Cortex Project as each body is literally interwoven with another, thus creating not only the bark, branches and tree trunks but also an emotional cortex that feeds and nourishes. The nests (the Ovum series) are an extension of the branches with a more explicit imagery of home, security, nurturing and family.”