A Decade of Green

Posted on Oct 07 2016 In - Garden, News

Since opening in 2005 it has been our mission to make sure Sunbeam Studios is the most sustainable commercial photographic studio around. The producers, stylists and photographers coming through our doors tell us that they appreciate shooting here because of our sustainability actions. For many of them, sustainability is an important issue, yet they tell us that they don’t always know how to do more professionally. Here’s a little of what we do…

-We only have renewable energy powering your lights, fairtrade teas & coffee powering you and our gorgeous gardens are powered by our wormery (our little pets eat our catering waste).

-Harvest rainwater off the shed roof for our garden.-Feed our clients healthy, locally-sourced food, paying close attention to seasonality and trying to minimise our food miles whenever possible.

-Use push bikes and foot power for deliveries and pick-ups whenever possible and use only hybrid or carbon-neutral courier services, as well as hybrid taxis for our clients where possible.

-We are always adding to our sustainability action list with things like donating our colorama ends to our local primary school, upcycling unused paint from our set builds to a local charity, planting to protect bees and building our sets taking care to re-use materials instead of dumping them in landfill, as well as recycling all paper, aluminium, plastic & glass.

-We support Meat Free Monday and offer our clients an exciting fully vegetarian menu every Monday.

-We use Ecosia for all our production search needs- a search engine who rather than pocketing their ad revenue, use it to plants trees! With the help of over 2 million active users and over 2 million pounds donated, nearly 4 million trees have planted in different corners of the world. (Make the switch and start planting trees from your desk!)

It’s exciting to be at the forefront of creating a successful business model for our industry that takes the most important thing into consideration, but it’s even nicer to see more and more clients now making this an important part of their business goals too. While not everyone understood why we were doing what we were doing ten years ago these days it’s an absolute pleasure to have conversations regarding sustainability within the production industry. Get in touch if you want to be part of the green production revolution. This can start with little things like simply making the green choice as to where you shoot!green

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