Sunbeam Spaces

Sunbeam Studios offers an ideal shooting space in a unique setting. Housed in the Grade II listed Ladbroke Hall, we provide four photographic rental studios ranging from 3,200 to 600 square feet, all connected via a beautiful marble-terrazzo mezzanine as well as numerous location style spaces such as The Board Room.

Sunbeam is big enough to offer a space that fits almost any need, but is still small enough to maintain the high level of friendly, professional customer service that its clients have come to rely on.

Fantastic daylight, automatic black-out, drive-in, huge coves, high ceilings, location type spaces, private gardens, offices & numerous break-out spaces are just a few of the aspects this one of a kind boutique studio complex offers.

To get a feel of how our main rental spaces all connect together, take a look at this video:


One of the unique features of Sunbeam is that you can hire the spaces in combinations of 1, 2, 3 or all 4 studios, all inter-connecting via the first floor mezzanine. Here are some ideas of the combinations you can hire depending on your needs. The Board Room is also a great bolt on if you need that extra special VIP Green Room or a Production Office.

Suite A (Studios 1 & 4 hired together)

Combined space of 4,000 sq ft.
Private reception between the studios.
Great breakaway space.
Can be separated from the rest of the studio facilities for maximum privacy and comfort.
Direct access to garden.

Suite B (Studios 2 & 3 hired together)

Combined space of 4,500 sq ft.
Private entrance.
Private Bathrooms with shower.
Sound proofing between studios.
Can be separated from the rest of the studio facilities for maximum privacy and comfort.
Direct access to garden.

Suite C (Studios 2, 3 & 4)

Combined space of 5,300 sq ft.
Great for splitting video from stills.
Perfect when needing a luxurious greenroom while keeping a separate production or dining area.
Private Bathroom with shower.
Private entrance.
Direct access to garden.

Suite D (Studios 1, 2 & 4)

Combined space of 7,000 sq ft.
Perfect for keeping large casts or multiple VIP’s happy.
Multiple set build areas with two large coves.
Allows for a large production/breakaway room centered between our largest studios.
Direct access to garden.

Suite E (Studios 1, 2 & 3)

Combined space of 7700 sq ft.
Our 3 largest spaces.
Suitable for doing large sets or a combination for video & stills.
Great for lifestyle/location-style shoots together with cove-based shoots
Decadent green room (studio 3) perfect for the most discerning VIP’s with private entrance.
Private bathrooms with shower.
Private access to entire garden.

Exclusive Hire (Suites A & B)

Over 10,000 sq ft.
One of Sunbeam’s unique traits is that you can hire out our entire building and grounds including the gardens. This offers the ultimate in luxury and confidentiality.