Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Here at Sunbeam we’re working hard to make our business more sustainable.

Currently we do the following whenever possible:

  • Use 100% renewable energy for the studios.
  • Harvest rainwater off the shed roof for our garden.
  • Make our own organic fertilizer by disposing of our waste food in our wormery.
  • Feed our clients healthy, locally-sourced food, paying close attention to seasonality and trying to minimise our food miles whenever possible.
  • All of our lamb, pig and beef is English-reared.
  • All of our fish is sustainably harvested.
  • Buy only fair-trade coffee and teas and encourage our suppliers to include more fair-trade and organic products in their offerings.
  • To support London honey production, and in line with recommendations of the LBKA, we have planted many different types of forage including English heritage wild flowers.
  • Send our location catering in hybrid vehicles.
  • Use push bikes and foot power for deliveries and pick-ups whenever possible and use only hybrid or carbon-neutral courier services.
  • Offer cycle training to staff, clients and Creative Hub tenants.
  • Created space for secure bike parking.
  • Organise our client’s taxis to be hybrids whenever available.
  • Use mainly non-toxic cleaning products to clean and maintain our building. (And are looking for more!)
  • Upcycle our colorama end-of-rolls to our local school who use them for art projects.
  • Upcycle unused paint from our set builds to a local charity that trains young people in building projects.
  • Upcycle kitchen accessories to a nursery building a play kitchen
  • Offer only naturally-derived and organic soaps and lotions in our bathrooms.
  • Purchase paper products for our office that are recycled post-consumer waste and re-use waste paper instead of new notebooks whenever possible.
  • Use and supply products in containers that we can recycle; including for our minibar.
  • Recycle all paper, aluminium, plastic & glass.
  • Host events to educate other venues and suppliers as to how they can be more sustainable.
  • We turn off heat and lights when studios are not in use (just like our mum taught us!)
  • We support Meat Free Monday and offer our clients an exciting fully vegetarian menu every Monday.
  • Our office use Ecosia for all internet searches, the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue.

We’re also always keen to get tips from our clients about what we can do further so get in touch!

Tori Ferenc & The Kids of Grand Synth

A big shout out to one of our own Sunbeamers. Sunbeam photographic assistant Tori Ferenc recently joined the volunteers in France documenting the daily struggle faced by refugees in Grand Synthe and has shared some of her beautiful pictures with us. Many agree that much of the struggle these refugees have faced was originally caused by climate change.

See more of Tori’s inspiring work here.



We’re loving Ecosia! It’s a search engine which by using its search ad revenue, empowers us (and you!) to plant a tree for every search done on the site. How easy is that! With the help of over 2 million active users and over 2 million pounds donated, nearly 4 million trees have populated draught ridden areas in different corners of the world.

Check out the land in these before and after Ecosia pictures. They brought a dry and deserted piece of land back to life: the new forests create a return of the water cycle and brings back the rain, which helps further develop and sustain the biodiversity of the region and healthier livestock – all of which chain up to more jobs, stronger local economy, personal independence and education opportunities.

 ecosia pictures
© Ecosia

To start planting trees and become part of the green (r)evolution go to for your next search!


We are very excited to be going back to the roots and supporting Meat Free Monday – a beautiful and ever-growing non-profit campaign launched by Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney in 2009, which encourages everyone to contribute to a healthier environment by having one meat free day each week. The chefs here at Sunbeam Kitchen are continuing to develop further delicious vegetarian meals for our clients every week.

This is one more way we are making all shoots at Sunbeam more sustainable. You can explore the project and get involved though here:

Meat Free Monday

© Egle Plytnikaite ‘How Much Water Do You Eat’



As the spring is knocking on our doors we are making new and promising bonds. Meet Ad-Green – one more ambassador of all things eco-friendly and sustainable.

This new initiative supported by Advertising Producers Association is on a mission to educate and support the commercials industry throughout all the phases of the production process, in creating and further developing a consistent action plan for sustainable and eco-friendly work practices. Together we hope to add even more shades of green to our productions in the future!


To check out the project click here or go straight to  How to AdGreen.

Uli Weber – Goodwood Revival

Following on from the success of his book “Portraits”, a 20 year retrospective of his celebrity portraiture that features the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Sting, Bruce Willis and Kylie Minogue, Uli Weber has now turned his lens to the magic of the Goodwood Revival.

The Goodwood Revival Exhibition private view fundraiser was held in Sunbeam Studio’s grand Talbot Hall, a magical step back in time, as seen through a selection of images from Uli’s book. This show was in aid of Second Chance, a charity offering help to children from disadvantaged backgrounds or with histories of abuse with all profits stemming from the show going to the charity.

For more info please visit :

Every year Goodwood stages a highly competitive race meeting featuring the kind of cars and motorcycles that would have been at this historic circuit during the period of 1948-1966.  It offers visitors the opportunity to leave the “modern world” behind and see motor sport luminaries such as Sir Stirling Moss, Nick Mason, John Surtees, Jean Alesi and Sir Jackie Stewart racing.

Sunbeam was proud to host such a beautiful and appropriate show, bringing cars back into this former car showroom.

‘Thank you Sunbeam Studios for allowing us to exhibit in such a spectacular space, Ladbroke Hall being one of the fist purpose built car factories in Britain.’ Uli Weber

The exhibition continues in our reception gallery until the end of March



We are thrilled to befriend a gorgeous collective of extraordinary minds at Novel Beings – an artist owned and run creative agency, exclusively representing conscious creatives for the fashion, beauty and advertising industries. Their beautiful creations share the centre stage with transparency and strong ethical code of practice.


Makeup: Lauren Kay – a Novel Being’s artist
Photographer: Dave Wise
Publication: Fisco Magazine
Fashion Editor: Anne Look
Hair: Eugene Davis

The Royal Foundation Event

RoyalFoundationLogoWe were immensely proud to host recently a reception for the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The evening focused on the charity’s excellent work with children and young people, which helps them to build their skills, confidence and aspirations.Royal F 4

You can explore their work more here:


Green Energy

Its been nearly 10 years since Sunbeam opened its doors, and since day 1 we have been running on 100% renewable electricity. That means we have bought from a specialist supplier a deep green tariff ensuring that for every KWh of power used, they have to put the same amount from renewable sources back in to the grid.

(If we all did this we could be running the whole country on renewables – just saying)

When you shoot with us it means you help to support our sustainability initiatives, so take some credit for these good works!

In the early years our emissions savings were around 5 tonnes per year, but as we have expanded we estimate that over the past decade we have reduced our CO2 output compared to the national average by approximately 100 tonnes. Now we are all big and grown up the figure is around 30 tonnes of CO2 saved every year!

Sounds impressive but what does it mean? What does 30 tonnes of CO2 each year actually equate to?

Turns out we could take our friends on a road trip in a double decker bus 12 times around the equator with the equal amount of CO2 emissions.

The trip would also take a whole year, driving 8 hours a day. That’s a lot of Eye-Spy and One Man Went to Mow. And environmental damage.

We decided to stay at home and save the C02.


The above map of world CO2 is from the Guardian, you can see the whole article here.

Global warming is mainly the result of CO2 levels rising in the Earth’s atmosphere. Both atmospheric CO2 and climate change are accelerating. Climate scientists say we have years, not decades, to stabilize CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Changing over to renewable energy is a simple choice, we use Green Energy.


Kensington & Chelsea Foundation Event

We were pleased to host recently a reception for the excellent K&C Foundation, a very worthwhile organisation that helps small local charities that might otherwise be overlooked to get funding and really make a difference to the borough’s residents. All too often the bigger national or international charities get people’s attention, so this was a great opportunity to refocus on our local community and its needs.

You can explore their work more here:

‘Thank you so much for all your help and support last night. We are really pleased with how the event went and can’t think of a better venue. Everyone absolutely loved the space and were so surprised by what they found inside. It was a brilliant opportunity for us to get our supporters together with some of the charities that we help….Please pass on our thanks to the rest of your team who were all so helpful and friendly. I think you run a very impressive organisation.’

KCF Party 4th Nov 2014-small1

Pedal Power

If you’re out and about around Portobello & Notting Hill, keep your eyes peeled for our assistants out doing local collections on our authentic Indian Rickshaw. It’s fun, Eco-friendly, and also available to hire for your shoot.


Sunbeam & Belu’s promise

Since opening our doors in 2005, we have quenched the thirst of thousands of clients and simultaneously provided 100% carbon neutral water and helped generate £1000’s of contributions to WaterAid!

As part of our social and sustainability promise, high consideration is taken when deciding which companies we would be happy to purchase from and provide to our clients; from fresh produce to cleaning products, our bottled water is no exception.

With this in mind we stock our studios with Belu Water, which as well as being 100% carbon neutral, non-imported water, has also been giving 100% of their profits to WaterAid since their exclusive partnership began in 2011. They have raised £505,282 and have changed the lives of over 33,685 people by improving their access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation.

Sunbeam Studios supplies an estimated 5,000 bottles of Belu Water every year meaning keeping our lovely client’s thirst’s quenched has also had the happy effect of contributing £1000’s towards helping less fortunate people whose lives are in need of clean water.

Belu have pledged to donate £1,000,000 to WaterAid by 2020 and we will be supporting them every step of the way!


All images credited to WaterAid
Click here to donate!


Frank Horvat Grégoire’s hands, 2003 Archival pigment print, Limited Edition 13/30

This show is in support of PhotoVoice, a charity offering a voice to the unheard through photography. Sarah Moon, Peter Fraser, Henrik Knudsen & Frank Horvat are among those included in the show which covers a variety of different photography styles focused mainly on documentary and street photography from 1950-2011.

All prints in the show are for sale and all profits go to PhotoVoice. Their mission to build skills within disadvantaged and marginalised communities around the World and right here in Britain using photography. This affords these communities the opportunity to represent themselves and create their own tools for advocacy and communication in order to achieve positive social change.

Sunbeam is very proud to support PhotoVoice through this show and invite you to join us. If you would like to see the show or the sale list please do get in touch with us at or +44 (0) 208 962 8690

Sunbeam Events Launch Party in association with ISES Talks

Held in association with ISES Talks we were able to launch our brand new Studios One and Four to the event industry. At Sunbeam we are dedicated to operating in a sustainable fashion. Therefore our goal for the evening was to inspire our peers in the event industry to make a change and think about the impact our choices make. We were very grateful to Duncan Goose, founder of The One Foundation, who came along to talk about his amazing story which certainly inspired all of us.

Many of our partners contributed to the evening in their own special ecological way. To add a little fun to our task of finding sustainable energy sources, Magnificent Revolution brought along their bicycle powered generators which provided the energy to our sound system. Needless to say the evening was well received and demonstrated how doing the right thing is achievable and very exciting!

We’ve got worms

Not something to boast about? Adam our director and Roxy our studio manager have been discussing their love of worms for years here at Sunbeam so it was just a matter of time before Sunbeam got it’s own wormery. Let me explain…

A wormery allows us to waste less, and that’s good for everybody. So lots of our kitchen waste goes into the wormery, the worms break down that waste and we get lovely organic fertiliser from them. With our chefs catering local seasonal food to you we think that we have the best fed worms around.

Our next step is a herb garden, coming next spring fertislised by our very own worms.

This way we cater delicious food for you that just can’t get any more local, fresh or organic!


Burma Hole in Your Pocket Charity Dinner

In Aung San Suu Kyi’s honour, friends got together for the second annual Burma Hole in Your Pocket Charity Dinner. Their goal was to raise money for and the profile of Prospect Burma, a small charity working to continue the education of exiled Burmese in the hope that one day they can return to rebuild their country.

Over 150 guests including Harry Enfield and Antonio Carluccio gathered for the premiere of Moving to Mars, a film following two families exiled from Burma which was projected across our cinema-screen sized cove. Guests dined on food donated by The Island and the venue was lit by our partners at Halo Lighting. For more information or to support Prospect Burma please see their website.

Sunbeam Studios was proud to host such an event and we look forward to doing similar events in the future.