Since we opened in 2005 we have used 100% renewable electricity and from December 2017 we will also be using only 100% green gas. We manage our eco-measures through the simple but impactful Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace principle.
For instance we offer Belu water with 100% of profits going to WaterAid, and push a more sustainable menu across our catering. We donate waste Colorama to local schools, recycle set building materials and kitchen waste goes to our wormery, which in turn helps fertilise our garden which is planted specifically to help sustain the bee population.
By shooting with us clients facilitate our sustainability measures and productions at Sunbeam become even more sustainable.
Thank you for your interest in our green side. You can read about more of our initiatives below. We’re always keen to get tips from our clients about what more we can do so get in touch with your ideas.

  • 100% Green Energy

    We use 100% renewable electricity (wind, solar or water) for the studios. From Dec 2017, just in time for winter heating, we're proud to announce we're going to 100% Green gas as well. We keep doors shut and turn off heating, cooling and lights when studios are not in use (just like our mum taught us!)

  • We Free- & Re- cycle

    We recycle all paper, aluminium, plastic & glass and use and supply products in containers that we can recycle, including everything in our minibar. We buy paper products for our office that are recycled post-consumer waste and re-use waste paper. We always try to freecycle or eBay items that we no longer use rather than sending them to the dump.

  • We upcycle

    Our colorama end-of-rolls go to our local school who use them for art projects, unused paint from set builds go to a local charity that trains young people in building projects and used kitchen accessories go to a nursery's play kitchen.

  • We're helping bees

    Bees are in decline so in line with recommendations of the LBKA, we have planted many different types of English foraging plants.

  • Our garden

    We harvest rainwater from our garden shed roof to water our garden and feed our plants with fertiliser made by the worms in our wormery.

  • We support Fair Trade

    We only buy fair-trade coffee and teas and encourage our suppliers to include more fair-trade and organic products in their offerings.

  • We're cycle friendly

    We use push bikes and foot power for deliveries and pick-ups whenever possible. We partner with Push Cycles to offer discounts on bikes and accessories to all our staff and freelancers. We offer cycle training to staff, clients and Creative Hub tenants and created space for secure bike parking.

  • We use natural products

    Offer only naturally-derived and organic soaps and lotions in our bathrooms and use mainly non-toxic cleaning products to clean and maintain our building. (And are looking for more!)

  • We're conscious about food

    We feed our clients healthy, locally-sourced food, paying close attention to seasonality whilst minimising our food miles whenever possible. All our lamb, pig and beef is British-reared, and all of our fish is sustainably harvested. We offer a zero Palm Oil minibar.

  • We're reducing vehicle emissions

    We send our location catering in hybrid vehicles, organise our client’s taxis to be hybrids whenever possible and use only push bikes, hybrids or carbon-neutral courier services.

  • We believe in educating others

    We host events to educate other venues and suppliers as to how they can be more sustainable. We train our assistants on our sustainability policy along with the extensive training we offer to prepare them for the next step in their careers.

  • We support charities

    We offer our space to charities every year at reduced costs to help with their fundraising efforts.

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