Going All Green Gas

From the 18th of December, Sunbeam will be going 100% green gas. At Sunbeam, we pride ourselves on our sustainability and we have finally managed to move to 100% green gas to accompany our 100% renewable energy. We are always energy conscious in only using heating at certain times in limited spaces to conserve energy and we are now taking it one step further.

Fossil-derived natural gas is brought up from subterranean deposit, where it would otherwise lie harmlessly until the end of time, whereas green gas comes from recycling/reusing agricultural, domestic and commercial waste. Green Gas still omits the same CO2 as fossil-derived natural gas. The powerful difference is not in how much CO2 is released into the atmosphere when it is burnt but in where it comes from, therefore not contributing to climate change. If the same waste was left to degrade in a landfill site, the methane produced could escape into the atmosphere: methane has a global warming potential 23 times larger than that of CO2. Therefore, using methane from biomass reduces our carbon footprint. Green gas injected into the gas distribution network displaces fossil-derived natural gas, giving savings in greenhouse gas emissions.

Our new 100% green gas is certified by the independent Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS).

For more information on bio-methane, click here or here.