SHOWstudio x Garage Magazine

For most people in the know, photographer and all around digital genius Nick Knight has long been synonymous with ShowStudio. And so it was a great honor to host one of his latest projects here at Sunbeam. The project, a collaboration with GARAGE Magazine, encompassed a high fashion photoshoot and a luxury life drawing class.

showstudio_garagemagazine_nickknight_sunbeamstudios showstudio_garagemagazine_nickknight_sunbeamstudios

Nick Knight shot models Molly Bair, Yasmin Winjaludum, Jazzelle, Ruth Bell, Julia Banas and Selena Forrest in Studio one, before each model moved on to the drawing salon in Studio 2, where they were rendered on paper by some of fashion’s top illustrators including Frida Wannerberger, Richard Kilroy and Helen Bullock.


The whole thing was broadcast and viewed by an incredible 1.7 million viewers. The whole project can be viewed here, or to get your very own original illustration, artists work’s can bought here.