The Vamps – Better

British pop rock band The Vamps graced the stage of Studio One at Sunbeam back in September. Bringing with them an incredible team of creatives, they curated a very cool video using interesting filming techniques, beautiful colour pallets, a fun fight theme, all tied together with a their very catchy melody. Through these uncertain times, The Vamps certainly made the day ‘Better’ at Sunbeam Studios


Director: Jordan Rossi
1st: AD Ty Hack

DOP: Jack Exton
Focus Puller: Toby McKay
Clapper Loader: C/O Vision
DIT: Elliot Chyi

Gaffer: Peter Bishop
Electrician: Mathew Simmons and Greg Probert
Desk Op: Elliot Lineman-Cross

Executive Producer: Blair Smith
Producer: Ersan Beskardes
Production Manager: Elliot Zelmanovits

Production Designer: Lucy Cooper
Art Assistant: Aubrey Jackson-Blake

Wardrobe Stylist: Patricia Humm
Hair/Makeup Stylist: Rom Sartipi
Hair/Makeup Assistant: Carlie Siroko

Projectionist: Jed Holmes

Runner: Chiara Guy, Danny Rumbelow and Tara Sadeghi
Driver: David Burridge