• Amenities


    • Mini-bar
    • Seating space just outside the studio (perfect for castings)
    • A dedicated & trained member of Team Beam to look after any needs you may have
  • Specifications

    • 600 square feet
    • 13.4 ft ceiling height ¬†(4.1 Metres)
    • 2 x 32 amp single phase + 13 amp sockets
    • A lifestyle space which can be decorated to brief
    • Lovely light with large north-facing sash windows (with blinds)
    • White oak floors
  • Notes

    • Connects directly with studios 1 and 2 to accommodate¬†larger productions.
    • Frequently used as Green Room or for additional styling space

Studio Floor Plans

Other Spaces

  • Studio One

    The largest of our shooting spaces, with luxury features throughout including various client areas, drive in access, hair wash station and mezzanine level for dining.

  • Studio Two

    Our signature space, a beautiful, large studio bathed in both daylight and history, with direct garden access

  • Studio Three

    Studio three also known as 'Talbot Hall' holds beautiful marble flooring and a distinctive aesthetic, consisting of many features dating back to the 1900s.